The Key to Success!

Key rings are among the most popular items we produce because of the ability to deliver the client’s message in a product that used virtually every day if not several times a day. Whether it is brand identity, program recognition or to commemorate an important event, we will design and produce a key ring you will be proud of!

Again, the Patriot Mint’s ability to design just the right key ring to meet and exceed the client’s requirements is unparalleled.

We employ a wide variety of manufacturing methods, elegant finishes, enamel treatment and even gemstones to achieve the desired results. 

From genuine leather key fobs, to combination key ring bottle openers the combination of unique, creative design, fine hand polished finishes result in key rings that the end user will use every day.

A custom quotation for your design will be provided to assure you of the best value in a high quality key ring.