Custom Designed Lapel Pins

Virtually every day you see a lapel pin on someone.

In politics, you see flag lapel pins or pins iconic of the political office the person holds.  You see people wearing pins supporting their favorite cause or in memory of a loved one or lost soul.  At sporting events you see the fans wearing them and often see the coaches sporting a pin for the event.

A great part of our business is creating custom pins for these and many more reasons for our clients.  Our team has been responsible for designing and producing high quality pins for over thirty years now.

We take great pride in designing beautiful pins; high quality, innovative designs utilizing unique enamel, finish and even gem stone treatments. It is very common for one of our designs to go on to be a sought after collectible.

And our pins are highly cost effective because of our knowledge and expertise in the selection of materials, manufacturing methods and finish treatments for a custom pin.  With this expertise we create the design and produce exactly the right pin to your budget and for your specific application.