The Greatest Generation

Pins can be utilized to commemorate virtually any significant milestone or achievement. Though we’re honored to design pins for all our clients when they are used to honor the Greatest Generation, well that is something near and dear to our hearts.

Recently, our Art Director, Pat, designed and we produced a commemorative pin for the 339th Fighter Group of WWII fame. The 339th provided fighter cover over the Channel and the coast of Normandy during the invasion of France in Jun 1944. Strafed and dive-bombed vehicles, locomotives, marshaling yards, antiaircraft batteries, and troops while Allied forces fought to break out of the beachhead in France. Attacked transportation targets as Allied armies drove across France after the breakthrough at St Lo in Jul. Flew area patrols during the airborne attack on Holland in Sep. Escorted bombers to, and flew patrols over the battle area during the German counterattack in the Ardennes (Battle of the Bulge), Dec 1944-Jan 1945. Provided area patrols during the assault across the Rhine in Mar 1945.

Pat’s father, Lt. Roland E. Gousie, (shown in upper right of photo in his aircraft) of the 505th Fighter Squadron piloted a P-51D nick named "Dottie" during WWII. Lt. Gousie became a POW on 15 April 1945 whilst flying this "Dottie" and returned home after the war.

We just heard from a WWII P-51 pilot and President of the 339th FG Association (shown in the lower left of the photo in his aircraft) and he said -

Thank you so much!

They are a work of art!

I looked at it with a magnifying glass and the details are fantastic!

Thank you so much!

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