Challenge Coins

Custom Designed Challenge Coins

For almost a century now, specially designed challenge coins have been prized as icons of military, organizational and corporate achievement. The Patriot Mint designs and produces thousands and thousands of challenge coins every year.
In the US a tradition in the military began many decades ago of creating a unique coin design to denote a specific group such as a battalion or brigade to symbolize membership in that group. Within each branch of service many groups present unique coins to their members.  The intent is that the person carries the coin at all times to demonstrate that they are a proud member of the specific group.
Throughout the years, the coins became a collectible item with different groups trading their coins with other groups as a sign of respect and honor,
Over the years the concept of creating a custom challenge coin to commemorate membership in a group, honor an achievement and memorialize significant historic milestones spread from the military to corporations, sports teams, law enforcement and fire agencies as well as educational and organizational markets.
The key to a high quality challenge coin is a creativity designed executed design combined with detailed tooling to mint the coin’s form, and a fine hand applied finish, many times with in-laid enamel.
The Patriot Mint designs our challenge coins our distributors and client specifically tailoring the design, finish and enameling techniques to best represent the images the coin is to incorporate.
We furnish a custom quotation for the design to assure you of the best value in a high quality challenge coin.


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