Our Process

Our process begins with discussing with you your goals for your custom designed item. We’ll want to know the type of person you’re presenting to, the occasion, whether or not there is a logo that is appropriate to be integrated in your new item.

We’ll discuss budget targets, timing of your project and then put our art department to work creating virtual concepts of your item for your approval and/or make any changes necessary until the design is just the way you want it.

Upon approval, your design goes through a process of engineering in order to make the tooling necessary to wither strike or mold your custom item. We have the ability to produce limited quantities, as few as 25 or 50 is some cases as well as the capacity to produce 100’s of thousands of pieces too for large volume distribution.

Once the tooling is complete, the production process includes either striking or molding the piece, hand polishing, applying a specific quality electroplated finish and inlaying of desired color via our unique enameling process.

Once complete, your item then undergoes a quality inspection, which, depending on the item desired, includes up to 10 different inspections. Your item is then packaged to order specifications and shipped in bulk packaging to product your items in transit.